ASM Mini G Protein Skimmer

asm mini g protein skimmerASM Mini G In Sump Protein Skimmer – up to 75 gal – 6 in x 10.75 in x 16.5 in.

Any salt water aquarium enthusiast knows that foam fractionation, more commonly called protein skimming, is second only to biological filtration as the most important maintenance aspect of keeping the aquarium’s environment healthy. Dissolved organic compounds (DOCs) and oils are constant nuisances that can only be regularly eliminated by active protein skimming of the aquarium. The ASM Mini G In Sump Protein Skimmer works very efficiently to keep an aquarium’s salt water clean and clear.

In-tank units are the most economical way of adding a protein skimmer to your aquarium system. Keeping your fish and coral healthy inside the purest tank water possible is the goal of using protein skimming methods. These units are easily installed by simply putting the pump inside the tank’s sump, plugging it in and then adjusting the outpipe’s flow rate. All Seas Marine (ASM) manufacturers produce more than seven different sized models of protein skimmers, with the largest selection and best prices found right here in the internet. This review will concentrate on only one – the ASM Mini G In Sump Protein Skimmer.

The ASM Mini G model has a footprint size of 5.5” by 11.5”. It is 20.5” tall and only 4.5” in width. It is designed for use with up to 75 gallons of water. This skimmer operates with a PC-1000 Needle Wheel Pump. This patented needle wheel impeller “cuts” incoming air into many very small bubbles for more efficient skimming. These air bubbles rid the water of accumulated waste byproducts by using surface tension to charge molecules in the water, which are attracted to and stick on the bubbles , riding them to the surface where the bubbles burst, leaving deposits of waste in a collection cup. The Mini G is built to withstand day to day reef aquarium use and comes with a two year warranty.

ASM keeps the costs of its skimmers lower by constructing them of extruded PVC tubing instead of acrylics. Scratch resistant and of high quality, these skimmers are built to withstand any wear and tear experienced in day in and day out use. The ASM Mini G In Sump Protein Skimmer creates masses of finer bubbles for highly effective skimming action. The container top is removable for easy cleaning. It also has a snap lock design for no-leak operation. The unit operates on a maximum of 75 watts.

Customers who have bought and installed the Mini G skimmer are on the whole very pleased with its performance. Several customer reviews included comments about the ease of set up and installation. Several others complained that the manufacturers’ directions were vague and unclear. The ones who took the time to call the company reported that customer service response was quick and they received clear instructions that got them going in no time. Most of the responding customers who reviewed this product stated it was efficient and powerful in use and pulled “great amounts of junk” from the tank’s water. Some said the cup began filling as early as the first day while most seemed to feel that three days was the length of time to begin depositing waste in the collection cup.

Many customers were very pleased with the ease of set up. Several reported it only took five minutes to install. Others commented multiple times on how easy disassembly was to accomplish when cleaning of the unit is needed. A few, all women reported that they have a little difficulty removing the collection container cap because their hands are small. It was common for more reviewers to give the Mini G four out of five stars in their reports. One customer said it was “the best bang for the buck I’ve found yet”. Another said that after the simple installation the unit went right to work and in a day was “pulling nasty gunk” from the water.

Seven different reviewers reported one reoccurring problem. These customers had problems with the PC-1000 Needle Wheel Pump. It either was not working efficiently or would work for a matter of some weeks or up to six months and then quit. These customers were unhappy about having to replace their pump, some of them more than once. Some of these customers gave up on using the Mini G and replaced it with another skimmer. The customers who had the foresight to contact the manufacturer, All Seas Marine, were pleasantly surprised by the company’s response. The customer service contacts admitted that the company was having problems with that particular pump and replaced their defective one for free. Had all the customers with bad pumps done this, they might have been more satisfied with the product.

On the whole, customers rate the ASM Mini G In Sump Protein Skimmer as efficient, powerful and very easy to install and maintain. Customers are satisfied with the skimmer’s cleaning action and plan on continuing to use their units.

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