Deltec MCE600 Skimmer

Deltec MCE600 Protein Skimmer Deltec MCE600 Protein Skimmer

The Deltec mce600 is one of the premier hang on skimmers and comes with a staggering number of features that propel it to the top of the market; this type of skimmer is known as a hanger or HOB (hang on back) skimmer. Deltec has a full line of quality products and the mce600 is no exception. There are many skimmers available but few of them can compete in the same category as the Deltec turbo skimmer.

Protein skimmers are a common requirement in saltwater aquariums. Protein builds up over time and has to be removed mechanically, otherwise the water will grow murky and become dangerous to inhabitants of the tank. The ocean does not require a similar system as protein and other waste is diluted over the vast size of the ocean; this allows for plenty of time for the waste to break down. There are two major theories behind the removal of protein and other biological waste. Some systems do an average job of removing the protein, but this leaves the tank looking foggy and unclear. Deltec’s revolutionary system breaks down the air into much smaller pieces than other systems; these smaller pieces of air remove far more waste than its competitors.

The Deltec mce600 works by making use of a patented pinwheel system that can produce a water to air mixture that has yet to be replicated by other protein skimmers; this systems causes the protein and biological waste to bind with the air bubbles and rise to the surface where it can be removed without much hassle. The more air that is introduced into the tank, the more there is available for the proteins to bind with.

Deltec has spent over twenty years of research to try and develop useful features for their skimmers. The deltec 600 skimmer sits on the aquarium lip through the use of a sturdy plastic clamp. The clearance behind the tank is only three inches and the only part that intrudes into the aquarium is the small clear intake pipe; this is one of the primary benefits of their skimmer. The majority of competitor skimmers sit mostly in the tank, which takes up valuable viewing space. Install is amazingly easy; simply attach the skimmer, fill it with tank water, and plug it in. There is almost no assembly required.

The advantages of the Deltec 600 are numerous and rarely found in similar devices. The ease of install and cleaning are a big factor. The collection cup lifts easily out of the device and can be rinsed in just over a minute; this should be done every two to four days, because a buildup of protein can cause a real performance hit. The skimmer can also deal with ozone with the addition of an appropriate attachment. The media chamber lets you add chemicals, carbon, and other elements easily to the outflow; this is a wonderful feature if you do not have a sump. If your tank does have a sump, the skimmer has the ability to sit inside the sump to save even more on space.

The Deltec mce600 is a product that excels is every area and has few negatives against it. The company has been around for many years and always tries to provide the highest quality product. Competitors fail repeatedly to copy their design and pinwheel system. Deltec 600 Skimmer is to be the best protein skimmer on the market and the features and upgrades always keep the consumer in mind. Few skimmers come close to the reliability and cleaning power that you will find here. Plus, with its small footprint in the tank, there is plenty of room left for adding more stock.